Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Martini's Pizza (10 New Restaurants)

For my third new restaurant I went to Martini's Pizza with a friend from high school, Jacob. I was a little pessimistic about the place at first, Jacob and I have different taste sometimes that can be quite major. Upon arrival the atmosphere was nice, shockingly for me and the service was outstanding - very nice people. For our pizza we got a 12" Mushroom, Green Olive and Garlic. The garlic was AMAZING and really accented the flavor of the olives. I will most likely order garlic where ever I see it now. New favorite toping, I think so. I would go to Martini's again if I lived down here.

Martini's Pizza is located at 823 S. Westnedge Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Border Grill (10 New Restaurants)

So I should have updated this particular one a few days earlier.. well more like a week or two ago. My second restaurant down was Border Grill Express in Marquette, MI. I wasn't terribly happy with what I got mostly because I forgot I don't like Pico de Gallo. I forgot the name of the particular meal I got but it was a Steak/Bean/Pico de Gallo burrito. Everything tasted great but the Pico de Gallo just made it cold and not so great, once again if it's because I'm not a fan of Pico de Gallo not because the food was bad. I'll probably try it again one day, hopefully I'll remember to ask them to leave the Pico de Gallo off.

The Border Grill Express is located at 510 W Wasthington St Marquette MI.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Portside Inn (10 New Restaurants)

I was out driving around today with Kristin and we decided that we were quite hungry so we thought it would be a good idea to go get some food. I thought this would be a perfect time to knock another thing off my list, well at least part of a thing. She has lived "in the area" for most of her life and knows the places around her a lot better than I do so she originally suggested Aubrees Pizza which is in downtown Marquette. As we were walking she mentioned that Portside Inn was also good incase we didn't want pizza. It just happened to be at the exact moment we were at the entrance we smirked and walked in. I had a rueben with chips and she had a type of soup which I can't seem to remember. The food was quite good and the bill was reasonable.

The Portside Inn restaurant is located at 239 W Washington St. Marquette MI 49855.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kristin (100 Portraits)

Kristin, my current girlfriend, is my 2nd of 100 portraits. This particular picture is near Canyon Falls, Alberta, Michigan. Unlike the previous photo there isn't too much to say about the experience but I guess I can say a little about her. She is an International Studies major at Northern Michigan University. She graduated the same year as me, 2008. She has studied in Ambato, Ecuador.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 10 Horror

I chose this http://my.spill.com/profiles/blogs/my-top-10-favorite-horror as my first top 10 list.
  1. Drag Me to Hell
  2. Martyrs
  3. Let the Right One In
  4. 28 Days Later
  5. Inside
  6. [Rec]
  7. The Killing Room
  8. Midnight Meat Train
  9. The Descent
  10. Dead Set

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artour (100 Portraits)

I took my first portrait today of a man named Artour. He is visiting family in Marquette from Poland and I met him while he was at Presque Isle, he asked if I would take his picture next to Lake Superior. After several photos later he said thank you and I figured that was the best time to ask him for his photo. He looked at me odd for a little bit until I went on to explain what I was doing he immediately said okay and let me take his picture. He was a very nice person and I felt like it was the best way to kick off the many portraits to come.

Hike 5 Trails

1.Presque Isle Trail, Marquette County, MI, USA - 09-26-09
2.Canyon Falls Trail, Alberta, MI, USA - 11-19-09

Hike 5 Mountains

1. Sugarloaf Mountain, Marquette County, MI, USA - 1200ft. - 09-26-09

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

101 in 1001 list

  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Finish Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace
  3. Donate Blood
  4. Take 1 self-portrait daily for a year (0/365)
  5. Take 1 photo every hour for 1 day (0/24)
  6. Update a vlog at least once a week for a year (0/48)
  7. Drink only water for 1 week straight
  8. Read the Bible entirely
  9. Plant 10 trees (0/10)
  10. Study Abroad
  11. Travel to 5 new countries not including study abroad (0/5)
  12. Get 5 more photos published (0/5)
  13. Take 100 portraits of different people (2/100)
  14. Don't spend any money for 2 weeks straight
  15. Get SCUBA certified
  16. Never wake up after 10am for 2 months straight (0/60)
  17. Go on a week long camping trip
  18. Get completely and utterly lost on purpose
  19. Travel by train
  20. See a sunrise & sunset at 10 different places (0/10)
  21. Photograph 5 different national parks (0/5)
  22. Photograph 10 new state parks (0/10)
  23. Photograph 1 spot during all 4 seasons (0/4)
  24. Learn 2 languages enough to have small conversations
  25. Buy 5 prints of photos I've taken and frame them for family
  26. Finish 5 "Top 10 Most 'blank'" film list (0/10) (4/50)
  27. Watch 5 new foreign films not in english (0/5)
  28. Be able to run a 5k without stopping
  29. Completely read 5 non-school books (2/5)
  30. Write a song
  31. Buy a fully formal outfit
  32. Participate in a marathon
  33. Climb 5 new mountains (1/5)
  34. Swim with sharks
  35. go deep sea fishing
  36. Bike across a state
  37. Camp during the winter
  38. Go to a concert
  39. Scan family photos and make a flickr for them
  40. Cook 1 meal a week while at home for the summer (0/12)
  41. Go to a topless or nudist beach and participate
  42. Work out at least 4 times a week for a year (0/192)
  43. Visit 1 new Canadian province
  44. Visit 2 new US states
  45. Kayak from Kalamazoo to Lake Michigan (or equivalent distance)
  46. Write a short story and try my hardest to get it published
  47. Pass my 4 MA classes (0/4)
  48. Make a renaissance faire costume and attend one
  49. Go to a convention such as GenCon
  50. Take a multi vitamin once a day for a month (0/30)
  51. Give 5 "just because" gifts (0/5)
  52. Go to at least one world renown museum
  53. Make 100% homemade salsa
  54. Completely max out at least 2 game's achievements on xbox live (0/2)
  55. Eat all 3 meals a day for 1 week (0/7)
  56. Visit 5 zoos (0/5)
  57. Hike on 5 completely new trails (2/5)
  58. Do my Tai Chi video work out once a day for a week (0/7)
  59. Learn to play poker well
  60. Go whale watching
  61. See the northern lights
  62. Eat 5 fruits i've never had before (0/5)
  63. Find an internship
  64. Accumulate 300 volunteer hours (0/300)
  65. Get a dog
  66. Learn to play the piano
  67. Pay for a strangers meal
  68. Send 20 post cards (0/20)
  69. Ski or snowboard at least once
  70. Eat at 10 new restaurants (1/10)
  71. Bake cookies for 5 friends (0/5)
  72. Stay at a movie theatre for a full day
  73. Send a message in a bottle
  74. Get engaged
  75. Eat vegetarian for a week
  76. Keep a journal for a year (0/365)
  77. Read the newspaper everyday for a week (0/7)
  78. Read every Time magazine that comes out for a year
  79. Get an apartment/rental house
  80. Write a politician about something I seriously believe needs to be fixed
  81. Vote
  82. Finish a 26 Things photography project (www.sh1ft.org/26things)
  83. See 5 plays/musicals (0/5)
  84. Become First Aid certified
  85. Get a better more stable job
  86. Work for commission at least once
  87. Visit my father's grave
  88. Take my mom out to dinner
  89. Catalog my insect collection
  90. Reenact the photos on my grandma's wall (0/10)
  91. Enter 1 photo contest a month for a year (0/12)
  92. Actually celebrate my birthday, not just stay home and be bored
  93. make a snowman that stands as tall as me (5'8")
  94. Have a 6 pack
  95. Fly a kite
  96. Go white water rafting
  97. Stand up and ride a surfboard, even if it's just for a few seconds
  98. Cook a romantic dinner for two, candle light and all
  99. Make a "where i've been" map for my room
  100. Make a great, outstanding resume
  101. Make or have someone make me my own photographic website (not flickr/DA/etc)