Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Border Grill (10 New Restaurants)

So I should have updated this particular one a few days earlier.. well more like a week or two ago. My second restaurant down was Border Grill Express in Marquette, MI. I wasn't terribly happy with what I got mostly because I forgot I don't like Pico de Gallo. I forgot the name of the particular meal I got but it was a Steak/Bean/Pico de Gallo burrito. Everything tasted great but the Pico de Gallo just made it cold and not so great, once again if it's because I'm not a fan of Pico de Gallo not because the food was bad. I'll probably try it again one day, hopefully I'll remember to ask them to leave the Pico de Gallo off.

The Border Grill Express is located at 510 W Wasthington St Marquette MI.

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